Employment Law

Employment Law

The popularity of Facebook, Twitter and other social media and blogging sites has brought new challenges for employees and employers. In the early simple days of the internet employers struggled with how to harness the power of the internet for business all the while ensuring employees were not goldbricking while surfing Ebay, Amazon, on-line newsgroups and emailing friends all day.

Let`s face it the first thing many of us do on arrival at work is turn on the computer and goof off. We check the news, emails, shopping sites etc. We also use the computer and our time at work to book personal appointments, schedule and organize events, look up miscellaneous information and sale items. Don`t forget during this time you are likely making personal phone calls to family members, texting and off and on chatting with other employees at work. Wait, that’s not it you might go on a coffee break and of course lunch.

If that wasn`t bad enough enter social media sites such as Facebook. The stats for how many of us have a Facebook account and how many log in daily is astounding. See here:

Facebook Statistics, Stats & Facts For 2011

Let`s just say it’s a lot and those are stats from 2o11. I can only imagine that the number has increased.

Take a look at this Forbes Magazine article from 2012 that basically says we are spending a lot of time at work goofing off on non-work related sites such as Facebook etc:

Employees Really Do Waste Time at Work

So after all this one would wonder…who out there is actually working?

It is important for employers to set clear boundaries about internet usage. It is equally important that an employee is aware of these boundaries. The absence of any policy or procedure at the workplace could spell trouble for both employers and employees.

Speak to an Employment lawyer about how you can avoid this problem. I am a lawyer practising in Mississauga serving Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Milton and the greater Toronto area. 

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