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Wearable Tech is Useless

If you grew up in the eighties you were probably super excited to hear about the introduction of wearable tech a few years back. However, by and large all of these products have been a big disappointment. In fact, they are an embarrassment. With the exception of virtual reality gaming devices.

Smart Watches

The smartwatch is an overpriced useless gadget with the off chance of some of them actually looking cool. Furthermore, there is nothing your phone can’t do better. Texting and or sending and receiving emails on a smartwatch is not only ridiculous but almost impossible. Similarly, so is calling someone from your smartwatch.  Many of today’s smartwatches lack the blockbuster media capabilities our phones do and to be honest who cares about little notifications to your watch.

In fact, your cell phone can probably do an even better job of telling the time. For example, many of these smartwatches have poor battery life.

Even if you still wanted a smartwatch the price tag is not worth the cool factor. Smartwatch manufacturers would be wise to price these gadgets accordingly. Finally, it seems the smartwatch manufacturers are releasing new models almost every other month. Samsung took the lead on jump starting this trend. The long awaited Apple Watch did not deliver as was expected. Don’t forget with the exception of a few almost all smartwatches are reliant on your smartphone.

Fitness band

In fairness to the smartwatch they might look cool. Unfortunately, that can’t be said for the fitness bands. Fitness bands are nothing more than glorified pedometers. They measure the amount of steps you take and or track your sleeping habits. Some will provide notifications to your band that are relayed from the phone. Yeah, I really need that.

I haven’t found any yet that you can use to monitor your blood pressure. Many of the new fitness bands will track your heart beat. However, this isn’t enough for blood pressure measurements.

If the wearable tech industry wants to get our attention they will have to invent better products that are affordable. Until then, I wouldn’t bother purchasing any.

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